World Backup DayI almost missed it, but today is World Backup Day. I’ve written about this before, here, here, here, and here. PLEASE back up your computers and…

February 2021

How did that happen? Oh, right. There's A LOT going on in the world. I'll keep it simple. Here are some resources I've found useful or interesting over…

January 2021

Evaluating the ROI of time and designing for simplicity and freedom.

December 2020

Using multiple platforms, apps, tools, and devices inevitably complicates our worlds. What can we do to simplify?
Small Business Saturday was this past weekend. I encourage you to focus your purchasing at small businesses ALL the time.

November 2020

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, it's a good time to pause, reflect, and give thanks.
A refresh to my newsletter and a new platform. Small and simple tech and thoughts on life.

July 2020

Thoughts, resources, and interesting things related to small business, small and ethical tech, remote work, and improving life and work.